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Monday, January 23, 2006

Canada: The Road Ahead

Now that Harper will be leading a minority government I expect to see him come out slow and cautious. Knowing that he could also face another election in the near future he will do his darndest to play it safe, keep the idiots out of the limelight and avoid the controversial issues.

So all you evangelicals who thought you were voting for a Christian-based government, don't hold your breath. It could be dangerous to your health.

What can we expect in the near future? Sheer boredom I suspect. Don't expect much change. Middle of the road and more of the same, except for some attempts at tax changes and the usual conservative slash and burn. But that will be difficult with the NDP holding the keys to the kingdom.

Most certainly Harper will reserve the real hardcore reformer stuff until (or if) he has garnered the majority vote next election. Which shouldn't be long. Until then don't expect to see the real Stephen Harper stand up.

The interesting part will be to see how Harper and Layton can keep the government afloat. Talk about a pair of mismatched misfits. Knowing how headstrong Harper is, he will be in for the challenge of his life. It will be good for him to learn a few mediation skills.

Down the road don't be surprised to see the Conservatives and Liberals becoming bedfellows after the NDP fall out of favour. Then again if Paul Martin is still at the helm he will be chomping at the bit for another kick at the can. And at his age he doesn't have much time to wait. No doubt his ratings will govern how quickly he throws down the gauntlet.

What's that you say? What about the BLOC? Nuff said.

How long do I expect this government to last? Not very long that's for sure. Unless Harper has a lombotamy I don't expect him to tiptoe around parliament that long before he throws a tantrum and his house of cards folds around him. But then again I'm told that miracles still happen.

A word of advice. Don't tune into the parliamentary channel just yet. Yawn.

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