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Monday, January 16, 2006

First we take North Korea, then Taiwan, then... Canada?

I came across this post from the daily FISK! I thought you might enjoy it so I've reprinted it in its entirety with the author's permission of course.

Instapundit notes:

"This is upsetting:
China is building its military forces faster than U.S. intelligence and military analysts expected, prompting fears that Beijing will attack Taiwan in the next two years, according to Pentagon officials.
Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone by floating a rumor that Taiwan is acquiring nuclear weapons from North Korea."
Tee hee. So who's next? Canada? I hear they have nuclear technology. Lots of power plants over there. In fact I've heard they sold technology to Kim's daddy. They got a socialist government too. Everybody gets free medicare. And they harbor terrorists. Just ask Pat Buchanan. Or what about that red flag? Heck, we had less on Saddam.

Sums up the 'murican attitude rather nicely don't you think?

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At 5:51 PM, Anonymous eat me said...

Heh, good one

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