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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Will the Real Stephen Harper Please Stand Up

Having known Stephen Harper, no matter hard he tries to soft-peddle himself I find him to be just as arrogant as Paul Martin. In fact I would characterize him as another Brian Mulroney on steroids.

He is a man with an agenda to obtaining power for the sole purpose of wielding it. And he doesn't particularly care whose toes he steps on to get it.

Having said that, he still remains an enigma only because it's damn near impossible to know what he really stands for (excepting his own blind ambition of course).

Harper talks the talk, but will he walk the walk?

According to Stephen Harper the Tories will accept the checks and balances of the courts and the Senate.

"We have no alternative but to accept the checks; they're part of our system," Harper said in Toronto.

So tell us something we don't already know. But does he really expect us to believe that he is above padding his own hand-picked cronies when or if he comes into power?

Mon Dieu! Of course he will. That's why they call politicians self-serving opportunists.

"Judges are named, [and] judges can't be removed by governments except under extraordinary circumstances."

Yes, and Judges also retire. But then again a smart guy like you already knows that don't you Stevey? (Rhetorical question). You also conveniently ignored the fact that Ottawa has the authority to appoint judges to federal courts from where Supreme Court judges are often chosen.

Harper also says that he wants to reform the upper house but he failed to clarify what exactly he means by that. So typical of politicians. Lots of words but no meat. Good thing I'm a vegetarian.

"The Liberal Senate in the past was extremely uncooperative when their party wasn't in power".

And that dear friends is the inherent weakness in our political system. Brown nosing and cronyism is the way of life in Ottawa. We vote for five year dictatorships with a senate and judiciary that has been hand-picked by the previous omnipotent poobah.

As long as this nonsense continues Canada will continue to swing wildly to the left and right like an extremist teeter-tottering out of control.

Do we really want to give unfettered reigns to an untried and untested new party and leader who we know very little about? Personally I'm rooting for another minority government.

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2 Comments: 'It's your turn now'...

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous dan said...

Ouch! Scathing, but I also have the same reservations. He really is scary.

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At 6:03 AM, Anonymous josh said...

Very adept.

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