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Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Poll says Canadians were Hungry for Change

Oh Canada, what will become of you?

A recent CBC poll validates what Canadian Pundit has been saying all along. The only reason the Tories won is because Canadians thought it was time for a change. Or in other words -- it was a protest vote against the Liberals.

Canadian Pundit has seen this happen before, and the populace usually ends up regretting it. We recall the time when Ontario swung wildly over to the NDP. Whoa! The sour taste of that bitter lemon still lingers.

Apparently only 41 per cent said they were voting for Stephen Harper's party because they wanted a Conservative government, compared to 54 per cent who said they were casting their ballots just for the sake of change. The remaining five per cent didn't even know why they were voting Conservative or did not answer the question.

"They have to be careful about taking a very different direction for the country," Donna Dasko, the senior vice-president of Environics Research Group, said of Harper's incoming minority government.

"The support they gained is not support for radical change."
Heh, don't count on it bud. From the way Harper is talking he believes that he has been given a mandate and he intends to use it.

You get what you pay vote for.

Reform, here we come!

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